Pet Urns

Tips for choosing the right pet urn

Tips for choosing the right pet urn

How to choose the best urn vase for your beloved pet 

When you’re grappling with the loss of a pet, choosing the right pet urn shouldn’t have to be a further ordeal. With Sky Urns, you now have an additional option of what to do with pet ashes — storing them in a vase that serves both form and function. The sleek silhouette of the pet urn vase lends itself as an elegant accent that doesn’t carry the design or stigma that often accompanies traditional urns. Choosing the right pet urn vase for you is simply a matter of selecting the urn size that best reflects your pet's weight, and the colorway that you prefer. 

What size urn do I need? 
A medium urn is suggested for pets that were 1-55 pounds before cremation, and a large urn will hold pets that weighed up to 105 pounds. For pets that weighed more than 105 pounds, our customers have found that spreading their pet’s ashes in a location that’s meaningful to them in addition to housing them in the urn, or adding them to other memorial containers, has been a good solution. Deciding on the location of your urn is an important factor and could dictate which urn will fit your home best. Our Vega Vase urn comes in 2 sizes.

What color urn best reflects your style?
We offer two differing Sky Urn sizes in an array of color combinations that pair with a contemporary aesthetic, no matter the colorway of your home. At the moment, we offer five color combinations in two sizes, including white with dark wood, white with light wood, pale blue with dark wood, black with dark wood, or grey with dark wood.  

Crafted by hand from high quality ceramic and wood, the top section of the urn vase contains a watertight vase that can hold flowers, plants, candles, or any other keepsakes. The urn's lower section is a compartment that holds the pet's ashes within a sealed cremation bag that's easily accessible. The tightly sealed base ensures that your pets ashes are secure, while the top can safely serve as a home to your preferred items. 

The wooden disk (that has the option to be engraved with a serif or sans serif font) provides a clean contrast between the vase top section and the urn vessel bottom, available in the above tasteful hues that will seamlessly complement modern décor. 

No matter your color choice, the pet urn vase is an elegant and tasteful memento to your pet. Whether you're looking to add your friend to their favorite corner of the living room, as a watchful guardian in the entranceway, or as a loving reminder on any table — with a Sky Urn, your beloved pet will never be far from view.  

Plus, with a 100% lifetime guarantee and both engraved or non-engraved urns shipping in 1-2 days, your pet's resting place will arrive swiftly and securely. 

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